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Entry Strategy for Startups

Idea is often overrated. Many great ideas have come and gone during the Dotcom era, and we all assumed that they were bad ideas. But some years later, others took the same ideas and executed them better and succeeded.

Execution matters often more than the ideas. But in our digital world today, complexity is compounding exponentially every year. As an entrepreneur, it’s not possible for you to know everything you need to know to execute your idea well.

You might have a deep domain knowledge in your own vertical market and have a great idea for a startup, but you might not know how to present your idea to investors, how to raise money, how to build a prototype or minimal viable product, how to market your product, or how to connect with the right people. If so, we’d like you to talk to us; see if you could gain from picking our brains, skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

Our partners have many years of experience working with small businesses in a wide range of vertical markets. No idea is too silly, too small, or too big for us. We can connect the dots in unexpected places, if you can connect your dot with ours.